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Conventional Snap Traps
Known for their ability to instantly kill a mouse, these traditional traps have been around for years. Best when baited with sticky food, the conventional mouse trap uses a heavy gauge steel spring bar to quickly kill the mouse when the trap is sprung. It is considered very humane and is much easier to cleanup than other options. These traps are also very inexpensive, which makes them an attractive option for those of us on a budget. Keep in mind, that with this type of trap, it is important to use a lot of them, more than you think you need. Be careful with these traps, however. The springs are very powerful and can easily hurt an unsuspecting child or family pet.

Glue Traps:
Considered the least humane of all traps, glue traps use a sticky substance either in a tray or on a board to catch the unsuspecting rodent as it hunts for food. They are safe to use around small children and pets and can easily be disposed of. A considerable draw back to this type of trap is that it does not kill the mouse immediately. It can take a mouse days or even weeks to die from hunger and thirst, and if the mouse is found alive, it becomes the responsibility of the trapper to end the little life of the mouse. These traps should only be used with the most careful consideration.

Live Traps:
These traps are the most humane option to choose because they safely trap the mouse while it hunts for food. Traps must be checked every day to ensure that the animal does not suffer from lack of food and water. Also, if you choose to use live traps, make sure to relocate the mouse several miles from your home, otherwise, he will return to again partake of your generous hospitality. A mouse can have a territory of 200 yards or more in width, so simply releasing the little guy in the bin behind your house will not guarantee that he will not return to your home.

Rodent Poison:

Also called rodenticide, rodent poisons affect the body’s ability to clot the blood, causing internal bleeding and eventual death. If a mouse consumes a lethal dose, it can take him up to five excruciating days to die. Expect to find dead, poison contaminated mice throughout your home within that time period, including within your walls. If a poisoned mouse dies within your walls, you can be sure that you will smell it for months to come. Take heed that poisons should not be used if there are small children or pets in the home. They will be put in considerable danger, not just because of the presence of the poison, but also because of the poisoned rodents themselves. If a pet inadvertently consumes a poisoned mouse, they run the risk of being poisoned themselves, offering you the potential devastation of losing a precious pet unnecessarily.

Electronic Mouse Traps:
The premise behind this modern day wonder is that it will eliminate mice from your home by delivering an electric shock that kills them within seconds. When the mouse steps on the internal plate, he completes the circuit within the trap and receives a shock that stops his heart. This trap operates off 4 AA batteries and is relatively easy to use. Electronic mouse traps can be rather expensive, so use them only if cost is not an issue.
Sonic Pest Control,use these devices sparingly. They are expensive to purchase and studies have shown that they are not as effective as the manufacturers claim them to be. Sonic controllers may annoy your furry invaders, but they do not ensure that the invaders will leave.

The Mouse Battle:
you know the old saying is true, “Where there is one mouse, there may be more.”

To prevent a re-occurrence of  infestation, work to mouse-proof your house, both inside and out.start on the inside of the house by putting all of your dried foods like cereal, grains, flour, and sugar into mouse-proof containers. I sealed up any small holes or crevices,use plywood to cover holes that are too big to caulk. Next,seal up any gaps or holes you find leading into the house. Finally, I evaluated the areas around the house, cutting down sections of bush and dense undergrowth which might offer a mouse safe harbor.

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